Grand Hall

There are two restaurants in Hotel “Cruise” that we refer to as the ‘Grand Hall’ and the ‘Small Hall’. The interior design of these restaurants is special and quite unique to Tbilisi.

The ‘Small Hall’ (for 150 persons) is decorated in relaxing pastel colours and the sophisticated interior decor and furniture are designed to impress.

The ‘Grand Hall’ (for 350 persons) is thematically matched to the ‘Small Hall’, but is obviously a much larger space for hosting events such as: conferences, corporate parties, weddings, banquets and receptions etc. Clearly, each type of event has differing requirements for staff and services etc., and a number of fixed price service packages are available for different types of event and number of guests etc. These packages provide a basis from which our clients can turn their ideas, for their own specific event, into reality.

In terms of entertainment, there are live performances every day. For example, on some days there will be Georgian folk dancing. The dancing styles are often graceful, but some styles can be highly energetic and others require tremendous skill so as to avoid the dancers hurting each other. On other days there might be live Georgian folk music, or live bands playing popular music/hits from around the World, in a variety of genres.

Finally, the restaurant team is constantly mobilized for room service and ready to cater for special dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free etc.) or special dishes that guests might request.