Hotel “Cruise” tends to have an international clientele and consequently our menu includes a range of dishes and delicatessen from around the World, as well as traditional Georgian cuisine. Our gourmet chefs are professionals with many years of experience and we trust that our guests will be surprised by their culinary excellence.

For those guests who are keen to try Georgian cuisine, we also encourage you to try Georgian wine, a range of which has been carefully selected by our sommelier (Wine steward/expert). Although Georgian wine is not so well known in some parts of the World, according to archaeological evidence, Georgia is the earliest known place where winemaking began in 7000 BCE and we are, of course, very proud of this heritage and hope that you will come to appreciate fine Georgian wine, as we do.

Alternatively, for our international guests who might prefer more familiar cuisine and beverages, our menu includes dishes, internationally branded beverages and delicacies from around the World, and we trust that you are almost certain to find a variety of dishes and delicacies to your liking.